• Documentary film: -

Various pastimes sights (Leela) of lord shrinathji that’s show brief history of nearly 600 year, Lord shrinathji historic visit to nathdwara from brij and description of various festivals and pastimes sights.

Approximate time - 17 minutes

  • Shri Girirajji: -

Where shri griraj’s chevron, there shri girirajji. This spirit in mind, shri Girirajji and circled of the complex emotional nature of the route has been constructed. Following sites of Vallabh Ashram is visited by the prominent vaishnav then by vallabh ashram acharya explained detail of this site.

1- First Baithak -
2- Govinda Kunda -
3- Chandra sarover -
4- Puncri ka Lota -
5- Govardhan worship Place-
6- Surbhi Kund , Arawat Kund -
7- Temple on Girirajji -
8- Damodardas Hasani -
9- Kusum Sarovar -
10- Manasi Ganga -
11- Dan Ghati-
12- Rudra Kund-

  • Statue of Sights (Jankia): -

Statue of sights (Jankia) is constructed that’s related to lord shriKrishna and lord shrinathji in that some are spiritual, some are historical and some are related to human service, stepped unique message.

1. Prakatya janki - 8 digit significance.
2. Cows sell by the Shepherd.
3. Guru Chela context philosophy.
4. Context of Ajab Kunwar bai.
5. Context of Makhan Leela.
6. Hallucinations context with Mughal army.
7. Context of Lotus of Pushkar. - The context of Brahmaji respect.
8. Janki of The Maharaja of Jodhpur Jaswant Singh ji and context of shrinathji visiting Jodhpur.
9. Welcome of shrinathji by Udaipur Maharana Raj Singh, Amet Rao, Deoghar Rao, Kothariya Rao and Shri Hariray Mahaprabhu in Ganerav Saddi Mewar on arrival at Mewar.
10. Giant nature sight of Jagadguru Srimad Vallbhachary ji.

The timing of the above observation of Statue of Sights (Jankia) about 20 minutes

  • Very important person that come for visit the shri vallabh ashram: -

1. Second peethadhishwar Goswami 108 Shri Kalyanray ji Maharaj, Vithalnathji Temple, Nathdwara
2. Goswami 108 Shri Yadunathji Maharajshri ‘Kadi’ Ahmedabad.
3. Sixth Pithadish Goswami 108 Shri Dwarkesh lal ji Maharaj shri Baroda.
4. Goswami 108 Shri Drumil Kumarji Mahodayshri Baroda (Surat).
5. Goswami 108 Brajraj Kumar Mahoday Shri, Baroda (Surat).
6. Most honorable Shreeji Arvind singh ji Mewar Maharana of Mewar, Udaipur palace.
7. Most honorable shri Lakshya raj singhj i Mewar, Udaipur palace.
8. Mr. Kirti Kumar ji film director, Mumbai.
9. Mrs. Aruna irani film actress and film producer, Mumbai.
10. Mr. Kukku Kohli, film director, Mumbai.
11. Maharaja Shri Sanjay singh ji Amethi (U.P.) and former central minister.
12. Chairman of Commission for Women And former Central minister , Ms. Dr. Girija Vyas.
13. Munificent Mr. Dilip Bhai Jatin Bhai Thakkar, Mumbai.
14. Munificent Mr. Nikhil Bhai Jariwala , Mumbai.
15. Munificent Mr. Pravin ji Bansal, Delhi.
16. Munificent Sunil ji Mr. Sunil ji Goel, Delhi.
17. Munificent Bamashah Mr. Girdhari lal ji Sarda, Indore.
18. Mr. Ajay singh ji Special Secretary (Cabinet Secretariat), Government of India, New Delhi.
19. Mr. Subhash ji Garg, Finance Secretary, Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur.
20. Shri Vallabh Ashram have been visited by District Collector, freedom fighters, specialist in literature, journalists, politicians, singer and Bollywood stars.

  • Jagadguru Shrimad vallabhacharyaji Pusti Exhibition hall: -

The proposed hall size will be approximately 23x38 Feet. In this hall Exhibition of pastimes &context that’s related to Jagadguru Shrimad vallabhacharyaji life and lord Shrinathji.

  • Library Hall: -

The proposed hall size will be approximately 23x38 Feet. In which Granth of all religions and other people - welfare literature will be included.

  • Satsang hall: -

The proposed hall size will be approximately 23x38 Feet. All passengers that’s visit Vallabh Ashram get spiritual environment and to take advantage of Satsang with Achary by this Objective of the organization can be accomplished.

  • Maharana Raj Singh Hall: -

In this hall Exhibition of Jakian and paintings that’s gave the information about political and literary of mewar with inclusion of Brij culture. By these arriving Guests will be exposed by Mewar history and culture.

  • Acharya Residence: -

Nathdwara is India's major pilgrimage site as well as the Prdhanpit of Vallabh Sampraday. Therefore ranking clerics of all religions here occasionally is visited for darshan of the Prabhu Shrinathji. Acharya get arrangements for their accommodation according to suit their dignity so the construction of the Acharya's residence, envisages.

  • Guest Residence: -

Members of institution, guests and donors shall be provided free lodging them cometo nathdwara for darshan of Prabhu Shrinathji. Guest - house will have about 20 rooms. Each room will be equipped with modern facilities and Attach late-bath.

  • Build the tableau (janki) of shriKrishna's Raaslila and Ashtskha: -

Institution have goal of building a grand tableau (janki) of shriKrishna's Raaslila and Ashtskha in Vallabh Ashram premises.

  • Construction of 84 baithak of Jagadguru Shrimad vallabhacharyaji: -

Jagdguru shrimad Vallbhacharyji held there baithak in various regions of India. Illustrations by their nature model with all the information in one place of all meetings and may also benefit supernatural Darshan.

  • Construction of cowshed: -

Cow-meaning, religion, work and salvation - is Siddhi of these four. Gopalan from cow milk, curd, ghee, cow dung and cow urine and increase the money is. Cow is not without any religious act. All religious activities cow's milk, curd, ghee, dung and urine come in handy.

The eternal theology, Ayurved shastr, sociology, astrology, economics of Gomata Mahata, usefulness, necessity and Pancgvyon Visd detailed description of the feature appears. Agriculture in India since time immemorial and the creation of the eternal sage, nutrition, enhancement and development is the only basis Gomata. Individual, family, community and nation Arogywan, grooms, well-educated, the principal source Gomata Smridviwan and safety are maintained. But unfortunately at present demoniac Indian people by neglecting the divine culture to culture, life formed the basis of the knowledge of the divinity of Pancgvyon Gomahima and India is becoming extinct. Rishi result - ie agriculture both screwed Govrat (milk, yogurt, ghee, buttermilk) in the absence of heart and wisdom turned zero doubt armed contrast sensitivity was progressive and dung, urine and loss of land Govshan sick and toxic That is why today become the individual, family, society and the nation is confused. Environmental degradation, including the entire nature of the earth all creatures, including Man Empire of various diseases in the world is expanding at a rapid pace. Human mind, the brain has taken possession of the demoniac forces. Divine sporadic power, everywhere is becoming emaciated. The resurrection of the divine culture and therefore reinforces Davishktion Demoniac Demoniac powers to end the culture of the holy sages lived Eon inspiration for mitigation and India all - in light of classical knowledge and its pan-Govansh of Pujya Gomata Mahata, of utility and Pancgvyon Divinity Indian public - to reveal the mind re-organization proposal to open the stall is proposed. This will not only follow but shri Girirajji of Govansh Sewamen and Lord Prshadi be used to place the milk. .

  • Board of Guardians
  • Officials of the institution

  • Mr. Yogesh Sharma,

  • Mr. Laxminarayan Paliwal,
    General Secretary